Enabling business with IT and artificial intelligence

We are team of talented specialists helping businesses with custom development and integration

Our offer

Our services include custom development, integration, business process offshoring and consultancy.

  • Development of custom solutions
  • Integration with your existing infrastructre
  • Offshoring your business processes to Armenia, Romania and the Philippines

We augment the classical approach to IT by embracing the new paradigm of intelligent software systems driven by Artificial Intelligence.

The complexity of todays world requires novel approaches that go beyond the traditional approaches of Information Technology.

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How we deliver value to you

Three simple steps towards added value:


We increase performance of our customers and measure with KPI's

In order to increase sales for one of our clients traded on the NYSE, we dived into their ad campaigns and succesfully increased campaign viewability from 47% to 85%.

Average viewability before47%

Two months after starting our intervention, we were able to achieve KPI's in accordance with high-end standards of the advertisement industry.

Mobile 91%
Desktop 76%
Average 85%


As a service provider, we can offer dedicated teams to cover the following aspects of your business

Business Process Offshoring

We provide teams in various locations accross the globe to cover your business process needs such as data collection & entry, customer service and more.

Custom Development and Integrations

We offer development and integrations services ranging from custom ERP development to complex deployments and cloud infrastructure management.

Artificial Intelligence

The tailor-made software products we develop for our clients contain machine learning pipelines that allow to reduce operational costs and increase the overall quality of their services.

Other Digital Services

Our technical teams cover all your digital needs ranging from SEO to social media marketing.

"Our technology, our machines, is part of our humanity. We created them to extend ourselves, and that is what is unique about human beings."

Ray Kurzweil


Get in touch with us, if you have any questions, remarks, ideas or just want to have a chat.

Our offices are located in Romania, Armenia & the Philippines.

Main Location:

Fructus Plaza (24 Gh. Lazar street), Timisoara, Romania